Anaerobic Adhesives

Anaerobic adhesive is an integral part of the entire machines' fastening system that will prevent all the screws, bolts, nuts and fasteners from dislodging during operation due to vibration or severe movement.  Without the presence of air during the application process, it will allow the adhesive to set and cure at the specified time that yields high torque strength, able to resist most industrial chemicals, automotive oils, hydraulic fluids and high temperature, 

Sonlok® anaerobic adhesives are designed and produced to fulfill the most demanding applications in the field of Automotive Assembly, Oil & Gas, Micro Motors Assembly, Valve & Pipe Sealings, Electrical Appliances and many more industries that require to lock, seal, gap-fill and bond all the metal fasteners and screws from loosening during operations. 

Anaerobic adhesives fill the gaps between metal components in an assembly (for example, a nut and bolt assembly). It is because of this property that they are used to augment the seal or hold components of a mechanical assembly together - all these applications usually require high shear strength.

Sonlok® anaerobic adhesives part of Parson Adhesive Inc's product portfolio is one of the leading manufacturers for a wide range of high-quality adhesives for industrial engineering applications.

The types of Sonlok® range of anaerobic adhesives include:


Thread Lockers

Pipe Sealing Compound Sonlok 3290

Pipe Sealants

Sonlok Thread Sealants

Thread Sealants


High Temperature

Sonlok Gasketing Compounds

Gasketing Compounds

Sonlok Retaining Compounds

Retaining Compounds

SONLOK®Thread Lockers

Sonlok® Thread Lockers is proven to be effective for securing and locking all types of ferrous and nonferrous screws and nuts. In the absence of moisture, it will react with the metal surface of the fasteners to provide a reliable and high torque strength adhesive that can resist most automotive oils, coolants, industrial lubricants and can withstand high temperature on a continuous basis. 

  • Prevent loosening of screws, bolts and nuts
  • Lubricates thread during application
  • Prevent screw thread from corrosion
  • Has a wide range of viscosities.
  • Applicable to all screws type, bolts and nuts.
  • Low wicking to thixotropic grade
  • From low to high torque strength
  • Good temperature resistance
  • Room temperature stable
  • Long shelf life
  • Automotive transmission bolts & nuts
  • Carburetor, headlights, engine block screws
  • Machine fastening bolts
  • Hammer jacks
  • Electronic appliances screws & nuts
  • Sonlok®3221 - Adjustment of set screws, small diameter
  • Sonlok®3222 - Small Screws under 1/4". Easy removal
  • Sonlok®3242 - 1/4"to 3/4" bolts, medium strength, removable
  • Sonlok®3243 - Oil resistance 1/4" to 3/4" bolts, removable
  • Sonlok®3246 - High-temperature resistance, removable
  • Sonlok®3262 - Permanent, High strength locking up to 3/4" bolts
  • Sonlok®3266 - High-temperature resistance, high strength
  • Sonlok®3270 - High strength, Permanent, up to 1" diameter
  • Sonlok®3271 - High strength, Permanent, up to 1" diameter
  • Sonlok®3272 - High temperature, high strength up to 1" diameter
  • Sonlok®3275 - High strength for larger bolts
  • Sonlok®3277 - Up to 1/2" diameter bolts, high strength
  • Sonlok®3290 - Wicking grade for pre-assembled parts
  • Sonlok®3294 - High-temperature resistance, wicking grade

SONLOK®Thread Sealants

Sonlok® Thread Sealants is designed for use as a replacement to PTFE sealing tape for its almost instant setting and excellent sealing properties. When fully set and cured, it can withstand pipe pressure up to 1000 psi and able to resist most industrial oils, hydraulic fluids,  and gaseous matters. Sonlok® Thread Sealants can be applied to most pipe joints that are used in the Oil & Gas, LPG, Water and Sewerage piping industry as it provides outstanding sealing function and prevents leakages to the pipings. 

  • Replace Teflon tape
  • Excellent sealing property for pipe joints
  • Provides almost instant sealing
  • Withstand internal pipe pressures up to 1000 psi
  • Able to withstand steam, oils, hydrocarbons, solvents and mild acids
  • Fire sprinkler pipe joining
  • HVAC hoses
  • Potable water pipes
  • Gas pipes
  • LPG Gas Valves
  • Water tank pipings
Sonlok Thread Sealants

Gasketing Compounds

Sonlok® Gasketing Compounds is being applied widely and used as a flange sealant in the automotive, pumps, oils & gas and generators assembly and maintenance for its excellent sealing performance. Sonlok® Gasketing Compounds can replace traditional cork or pre-cut gaskets as it can be dispensed and applied directly to any shape and size of flanges. The cured sealant is able to resist most automotive oils, lubricants, chemicals and high-temperature resistance. The cured sealant is easy to remove for equipment maintenance. 

  • Eliminate sheet and cork gaskets
  • Versatile use for different flange sizes
  • Fast setting and adhere strongly to metal surfaces
  • Seal and protect flanges from leak and corrosion
  • Able to withstand most industrial oils and lubricants
  • Provides even distribution and thickness within the flange surface
  • Easy to remove for flange servicing
  • Economical for use
  • Gearbox and oil sump gasketing
  • Engine block gasketing and sealing
  • Automotive radiator sealing
  • Oil and gas tank sealing & gasketing
Sonlok Gasketing Compounds

Retaining Compounds

Sonlok® Retaining Compounds is used mainly for its ability to bond and seal stainless steel shaft to bearings strongly, mostly used for different kind shaft bonding for the motors assembly. Based on anaerobic chemistry, the adhesive will provide a fast setting and high compressive strength when cured. It provides ease of use for assembly when other adhesives' chemistry do not meet the specifications when comes to shaft bonding. It can withstand high operating temperature, good resistance to most chemicals and has excellent compressive and bonding strength.

  • Increase the shear strength of non-threaded cylindrical parts
  • Variable viscosities to fulfill gap sealing and adhesion
  • Fill voids of shaft to cylinder
  • Prevent corrosion and seal fitting parts
  • Good oil and chemical resistance
  • Good temperature resistance
  • Incorporated with UV activation to tackle uncured adhesive
  • Bond to a solid one-piece assembly
  • Bonding of metal shaft to roller bearings
  • Securing stainless steel pin to collar
  • Gearbox shaft assembly
  • Locks bushings and sleeves in housings
  • Bonds rotors to shafts to various types of motors
  • Bonds pins, plugs, and adaptors
  • Sonlok®3603 - For close-fitting parts even with slight contamination
  • Sonlok®3609 - For close-fitting parts, rotor on shafts, bushes, pulleys, etc.
  • Sonlok®3620 - High shear strength, high-temperature resistance
  • Sonlok®3635 - High shear strength, slow cure permits realignment
  • Sonlok®3638 - Maximum strength for loose fitted parts
  • Sonlok®3640 - High-Temperature resistance, high strength
  • Sonlok®3641 - Controlled strength where disassembly required
  • Sonlok®3648 - High shear strength with fast cure speed
  • Sonlok®3660 - Repair old machinery parts
  • Sonlok®3661 - UV & Anaerobic cure, High Strength
  • Sonlok®3675 - Slow cure speed, augments press fit assemblies
  • Sonlok®3680 - High strength, high performance for slip fitted parts
Sonlok Retaining Compounds

SONLOK® Pipe Sealants

SONLOK® 3555 Pipe Sealant and SONLOK 3290 weld sealant are excellent products of choice of fire protection professionals.

SONLOK®  3555 Pipe Sealant uses unique anaerobic technology with Teflon ® to prevent leaks in sprinkler systems. SONLOK 3555 Pipe sealant widely used in fabrication and installation to replace pipe dope and sealing tapes with durable and reliable seal.

SONLOK®  3555 sealant provides an instant seal of 1,000 psi and a cured seal that surpasses the burst rating of most of the pipes. Due to its unique Teflon ® filled technology and smooth nature, assembly will require less effort, and eliminate excess wear and tear on installers and equipment.

  • Cures on metal in the absence of air
  • Special Teflon based anaerobic to prevent leak with fire sprinkler
  • Replace pipe dope and sealing tape
  • Exceed 1000 psi pressure resistance
  • Smooth treading during application
  • Lubricates during assembly
  • Easy disassembly with hand tools
  • No solvent, no shrinkage and lower cost
  • Withstand high temperature
  • Fire sprinkler piping
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Copper pipe bonding


High-Temperature Resistance

Sonlok® High-Temperature Resistance anaerobic adhesives range is formulated to withstand high operating temperature up to 340°C continuously without any degradation. These high-performance anaerobic adhesives are well suited for applications that require fasteners to stay intact during operation and running at high temperatures. For use in high-speed motors, transformers, boilers, engines and transmission. 

  • High temperature resistance up to 340°C.
  • High torque strength
  • Provides lubricity during threading
  • Prevents mating parts from corrosion
Sonlok Retaining Compounds