Methacrylate Adhesives

Methacrylate Adhesives (MMA) are uniquely different from 2 component epoxy system as their formulation is based on modified acrylic monomer that will yield high bonding strength and toughness in a quick setting time. Methacrylate Adhesive from Araldite, Everwide and Partite are preferred structural adhesives by the R&D and manufacturing engineers as it can set and cure rapidly with adhesion strength comparable to epoxy.

Most Methacrylate Adhesives aresupplied in the format of a Resin and Catalyst and when mixed in the right ratio or proportion,  it will give rise to fast reactivity (between 5 - 20 minutes) with some heat being released in the process and resulting in extremely high bonding strength to the bonding materials. Apart from its tough and robust bonding strength, it can withstand extreme outdoor weathering and variable temperature cycles without losing its adhesion strength. For specific requirements, this methacrylate adhesive can also be supplied in no mix system whereby, the Resin and Catalyst are applied separately on the substrates before placing them together for bonding. 

Methacrylate Adhesives are so versatile that minimal surf ace preparation is required to achieve optimal bonding strength and its ability to bond strongly to most metals, engineering plastics like ABS, PC, PET, composite, fiberglass, wood, and some rubbers. 

Araldite 2050 MMA

Types of Methacrylate Adhesives

Standard Grade

The standard range of Methacrylate Adhesives (MMA) has very rapid strength build-up once the resin and activator are mixed spanning between 3 - 20 minutes. With Araldite 2021-1, Araldite 2022-1, Partite 7300 & Partite 7301, these MMAs will develop exceptional structural bonding strength, excellent thermal and chemical resistance when fully polymerised which makes it ideal for production environment where speed, ease of use and strength are crucial. 

Araldite® 2021-1, 2022-1, Partite 7300 & 7310  are a  two-component, room temperature curing, methacrylate general-purpose adhesive for rapid assembly operations on a wide range of substrates.

  • Rapid curing
  • Toughened
  • Multi-purpose
  • Excellent bond to a wide range of plastics, composites, and metals
  • Suitable for service at temperatures up to 100 °C
  • Bonding ferrite in slider motors
  • Bonding of fiberglass reinforced plastics
  • Wind and turbine blades
  • Bus body assembly
  • Vacuum cleaner motors assembly
  • Bonding GPS plastic housings

Flexible & Toughened Grade

A new generation of Methyl Methyacrylate Adhesives (MMA) especially developed to fulfill requirements for high flexibility with elongation and rubber toughened properties to allow for severe stress bonding applications. It has the ability to bond dissimilar materials and providing the same bonding integrity needed by the industries. This range of MMA has good gap-filling ability due to its high viscosity and thixotropic properties making it ideal for vertical application without any sagginess. 

Araldite® 2023 series is a new formulation and generation of  Methyl Methacrylate Adhesive that has good dynamic shear strength that can withstand harsh weather environment that provides the flexible and good gap-filling ability for dissimilar substrates bonding purpose.

Key Features

  • High gap fill
  • Non-sag
  • Modular curing (from 10 - 60 minutes)
  • Flexible 
  • UV stable
  • Bonding of Wind & Turbine Blades
  • Marine and shipbuilding applications
  • Fiberglass & composites bonding
  • Aerospace & aircraft parts bonding
  • Automotive and bus bodies assembly

It is a two-component, room temperature curing, flexible, methacrylate adhesive with an open time of 10, 30 & 60 minutes. It is a thixotropic paste that can fill gaps up to 30 mm. This adhesive is ideal for bonding composites for the manufacturing of large structures.


Ultra Fast & High Temperature Grade

Araldite 2050 & Araldite 2051 are ultra-fast curing Methyl Methacrylate Adhesives that are designed for extreme weather conditions and still retain their robustness and bonding strength integrity. As with all other MMAs, it bonds to most similar substrates like metals, composites, and plastics with high toughness and resilience to vibrations, impact and dynamic loading. 

Araldite® 2050 is ultra-fast curing, 2 component Methyl Methacrylate Adhesive (MMA) designed to accelerate structural bonding of thermoplastics, composites, and metals

Key Features

  • Ultra-fast curing
  • Able to cure from -20 to -25ºC without additional heat
  • Underwater and in humid areas
  • Virtually no surface preparation
  • Outstanding adhesion on dissimilar substrates
  • Excellent ageing and weathering resistance
  • Temperature resistance up to 120°C
  • Bonding of Wind & Turbine Blades
  • Marine and shipbuilding applications
  • Fiberglass & composites bonding
  • Electronics and electrical appliances assembly
  • Aerospace & aircraft parts bonding
  • Automotive and bus bodies assembly

Araldite® 2050 & Araldite® 2051 acrylate adhesives accelerate bonding operations in any extreme conditions of temperature and humidity. The launch of the new Araldite® range for X-TREME conditions fulfills demands for fast automated and manual assembly operations as well as maintenance and repair jobs.

Araldite 2050 MMA

No Mix Methacrylate Adhesive Grade

Agomet No Mix Methacrylate Adhesives are solvent-free reactive acrylic systems, i.e. the strength of the adhesive (cohesion) itself is built through a chemical reaction. In 2-component types, this process is started by mixing the components thoroughly. The mixture's low initial viscosity ensures thorough spreading over the surface, an important pre-condition for final adhesion. As the reaction progresses, the viscosity increases until the adhesive are no longer free-flowing. Once the working time of the mixture is exceeded, it can no longer be applied properly, yet the chemical reaction continues. The final strength of the the bonded joint is reached after a number of hours or days, depending on the adhesive used, whereas the assembled parts can be handled earlier

A new line of surface-activated methacrylate adhesives, designed to increase customer bonding options, has been introduced by Huntsman Advanced Materials. The Adhesives allow fast cure and durable joining of metals, thermoplastics and composites. The high strength adhesives are suitable for use in the loudspeaker, electrical/electronics,
transportation, marine, construction, furniture and general fabricating industries.

Known as Agomet® methacrylates, the eight adhesives and four hardeners are part of the broad Huntsman Advanced Materials range of Araldite® structural adhesives. The new products exhibit the unique ability to bond substrates via surface pre-activation or by bead on bead application. Surface pre-activation allows users to apply hardener/lacquer to a substrate up to 30 days before the adhesive is added to bond an assembly. The adhesives can also be hand mixed or can be dispensed by meter-mix machines.

Easy-to-apply Agomet methacrylates are ideal for bonding small and large areas; with work lives ranging from one to twenty minutes. Handling time varies from two to thirty-five minutes, and the adhesives have gap-filling properties from 0.4 mm to 5 mm depending on the application method used. Cured Agomet methacrylates exhibit lap shear strengths as high as 35N²/mm.

  • Magnet to ferrite bonding
  • Motor and transformer assembly
  • Linear motors assembly
  • Fiberglass and composite bonding

Araldite® 2050 & Araldite® 2051 acrylate adhesives accelerate bonding operations in any extreme conditions of temperature and humidity. The launch of the new Araldite® range for X-TREME conditions fulfills demands for fast automated and manual assembly operations as well as maintenance and repair jobs.

Agomet F305

Methacrylate Adhesive For PP, PE & PA

Bonding special plastic materials with Low Surface Energy (LSE) like Polypropylene (PP), Polyethene(PE), Polyamide (PA or Nylon/Teflon), Thermoplastic Olefin (TPO), and those plasticizer filled plastics that are greasy in appearance will be difficult and there are no known adhesives available that can perform the adhesion effectively. 

In order to bond all these Low Surface Energies materials, either it has to be treated by way of applying high voltage arching like corona plasma discharge on the surface before introducing any suitable adhesives or to apply with the latest development of a special formulation of KA Series methyl methacrylate adhesive (MMA) formulated by Everwide Chemical Company. 

These unique adhesives have the ability to bond and adhere strongly to all these LSE substrates like PP, PE, PA, and TPO after going through the course of curing. This KA series of MMA cures at amber temperature, has high shear strength, no volatile organic content (100% solventless), no surface treatment required, and able to resist chemicals and water. 

Everwide KA 005 methacrylate adhesive is designed for bonding low surface energy substrates like PP, PE and PA that has poor wettability that regular adhesive systems are not able to achieve. 

The Key Features:

  1. Bonds extremely well to Polypropylene, Polyethene & Polyamide (Nylon)
  2. No surface treatment required
  3. Fast setting
  4. Excellent chemical resistance
  5. Service temperature between -40 to 100ºC
  6. Low VOC and Isocynante free
  • Bonds electrical housing using PA6 substrate.
  • Automotive plastic parts bonding using polypropylene.
  • Bonding of polypropylene or polyethylene air filter cartridge or cage.
  • Bonding of power tool handheld devices.
  • KA001
    • Low viscosity, flowable
  • KA003
    • High viscosity & thixotropic
    • Anti-sagging
  • KA004
    • Low viscosity & thixotropic
    • Low shrinkage
    • For bonding smooth surface
  • KA005
    • Excellent adhesion to Polyamide
    • Excellent weatherabilty & heat stability
    • Variable viscosity possible
  • KA005-1
    • Excellent adhesion to Polyamide
    • Excellent weatherabilty & heat stability
    • Colour can be adjusted
  • KA006
    • Good thermal aging
    • Longer work-life (ca.10mis)
    • Initial curing time (ca. 60mins)
  • KA008
    • Bonds well to low surface energy plastics
    • Good adhesion to metals and electroplating 
    • Initial curing time (ca. 60mins


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Methacrylate Adhesives