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Vitrochem Technology has an expansive range of specialty adhesives, sealants, greases, lubricants, contact cleaners and electronics grade epoxies that are specifically catered for all types of applications that cut across the different segments. These high-performance adhesives, sealants, epoxies and coatings are formulated and produced to meet the most stringent applications specified by the different industry segments like the IC Semiconductor Packaging, Die Attach, SMD Attachment, Glob Top Encapsulation, Electronic Encapsulation, PCB Conformal Coating, Structural Bonding, Sealing and the list goes on. 

These specialty adhesives, sealants and coatings products are produced with the highest specifications to meet the most demanding applications requirements dictated by the design engineers for use in manufacturing and assembly.  There will always be a relevant solution from the matrix of products being offered for the industry to consider and select. 

Araldite Methacrylate Adhesive

Anaerobic Adhesives

For locking, retaining, gasketing and sealing of screws, bolts, flanges to prevent loosening and vibration resistance. 


Conductive Adhesives

Conductive adhesive is available in paste of film type and most used as interconnectivity between semiconductor I/C to PCB or lead frame.  

Araldite 2050 MMA

Methacrylate Adhesives

Methacrylate adhesives (MMA) has a setting time ranging from 3 mins onwards and has high overlap shear strength with the ability to bond to most composite and metal substrates.

Special Functionality

Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

Quick instant bonding without compromising on the blooming and smell. New formulation with higher bonding strength

Potting Compound

Encapsulation & Potting Compounds

Fill up cavity of preassembled components and devices that contain electronics with polymeric compounds like epoxy, polyurethane and silicone.


Structural Adhesives

Structural adhesives when cured provides overlap shear strength exceeding 2500 PSI to 4000 PSI with the appropriate substrates. It has high thermal and chemical resistance and will withstand impact and weight-bearing load. 

Conformal Coating

Conformal Coating

Provides good surface protection of PCB from harsh weather and electrical dielectric breakdown functions. Comes in different chemistries and characteristics like viscosity, hardness, thermal resistance, etc.

Hot Melt Stick-min

Hot Melt Adhesives

Most versatile glue for use to bond light weight substrates with some load bearings. Generally, hot melt adhesives has fast setting time that is favored for use in mass production. 

Acid Free Silicone Sealant

Structural Sealants

Structural sealants have its chemistry based on silicone or polyurethane compound that is used for sealing and bonding application. Most sealants are flexible, high-temperature resistance and good bonding strength.

DN5 LMH copy

Contact Cleaners

Fast removal of oxidisation and sulphur dixoide from electrical and electronic contact points to not only improve connectivity but protect it from corrosion. 

Greases & Lubricants

Greases & Lubricants

Specialised grease and lubricant removes tough oxidisation from corroded parts and at same time it will also protects the surface from further corrosion.

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